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Best Voice Commands of Google Now

List of Google Now voice commands

Google Currently is Google’s voice order element to gives the ideal data brilliantly, which you have been utilizing on your Android telephone for quite a while. Yet in addition, many individuals can’t utilize it appropriately, because of the absence of information on the right voice order. So we should eliminate this issue of yours, how about we know the absolute best voice orders of Google Now

Voice commands for applications

Utilizing these voice commands in Google Now, you will actually want to run any application on your Android telephone.

  • To open the application, you can utilize both the words Open or Send off, for this you need to say “Open Facebook” or “Send off Facebook”. Here you can supplant Facebook with the name of any application that is introduced on your telephone.
  • Aside from this, you can say “Take a [picture/photograph/selfie]” to snap a picture.
  • If you have any desire to record a video, you can say “Record a video”.
  • You can express Turn on Spotlight to switch on an electric lamp or light and Mood killer Spotlight to switch off, you can likewise control Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with the Turn on/off command.

Voice commands for communication

These voice commands are extremely helpful in this you can send calls, and messages while you are away. Simply continue to say this command with the alright Google.

  • To call somebody then now you need to say Call and the name of that individual like – Call Amit, yes to have speakerphone while talking then provide the command Call “Amit” On Speakerphone yes in the event that your telephone directory Assuming I have two Amit, you will be found out if you need to call some Amit.
  • Assuming you are searching for data about your last SMS, simply say Show me my last messages, aside from this you can send SMS to any individual exclusively by talking, for this you need to say the Message Name of that individual and your message like Message ” Amit” “How are you”.

Voice commands for Productivity

With these voice commands, you will actually want to keep all your workers coordinated.

  • To set caution to get up promptly in the first part of the day, then say with the alright Google Set alert for 5:30 am or anything that time you need. Essentially, on the off chance that you are accomplishing some work, you need to set a clock, say Set a clock for 2 minutes.
  • Assuming you need to hit up a wedding or a party and you feel that you will neglect it, then it doesn’t make any difference, simply say Make a scheduled occasion alongside the name of the occasion like a sibling’s wedding, its time day and time like Make a schedule occasion ” Amit’s wedding” “Sunday” “9 pm”
  • Comparatively, you can likewise set an update Remind me to after that you can see your work and its time here like Remind me to “Amit meet” At 9 pm

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