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Facebook is bringing mind reading innovation

Facebook's innovation Typing With Brain

Facebook will bring such an innovation that you will want to type exclusively by thinking, or at least, this method will begin guessing what you might be thinking, what you are thinking, and afterward it will refresh your Facebook status by transforming it into a message. We should be familiar with this innovation of Facebook. About – Typing With Brain

Facebook mind reading technology

Facebook's new Technology Typing With Brain

We have already seen similar technology, you can run your computer by speaking (voice recognition technology) or you can run the computer by pointing only with your hands, which is called hand gestures technology, apart from eye gestures also. Computer-run technology has also arrived, which is called eye gestures technology.

However, the framework that works from the cerebrum has not as yet come, so has Facebook set it up, no, it is only an idea, that is to say, it is just felt that such an innovation ought to be made so anybody can think carefully. Allow us to let you know that in the year 2013, scientists at the University of California planned a device called MindSet, which will make any thought to you your secret word.

The name of this mystery undertaking of Facebook is Building 8. There is a sum of 60 individuals in this group who are dealing with this new venture. Building 8. PC interface controlling cerebrum waves radiating from the human mind. Given this, the speed of composing in this will be multiple times more than the speed of composing on an ordinary portable for example 100 words each moment, an individual who can’t talk or hear and can’t move his hand, that too without any problem.

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