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Gboard Tips and Tricks

Google keyboard For Android and iOS Gboard

Friends, whether it is mobile or computer, the keyboard plays a very important role in it. And in today’s time, most mobile is used, and in today’s generation mobile use the keyboard very much for chatting in mobile applications like WhatsApp and Instagram.

So today we will talk about a mobile keyboard. Which is quite popular and useful. And I am going to tell you its very useful tips and tricks and the name of that keyboard is GBOARD.

GBOARD is the very famous keyboard provided by Google and the most used keyboard in Android.

Very useful Tips and Tricks of GBOARD

I will impart this to you in the present post. With the assistance of which you can save a lot of your valuable time while composing on your Android telephone and by utilizing these tips, you can take care of a lot of your responsibilities without any problem.

How to Install GBOARD in Phone?

Before learning GBOARD Tips and Tricks GBOARD application must be installed on your android mobile. If it is not installed on your phone then you can install GBOARD from Google Play Store.

  • Go to the Play Store on your Android telephone.
  • Search Gboard in the search bar.
  • Download/install Gboard from the search result.

Set GBOARD as Default Keyboard in Phone

After installing GBOARD on your Android phone, you have to set GBOARD as the default keyboard on your mobile. If your mobile does not have GBOARD default keyboard then follow the steps given below to set it as default.

  • Go to the settings of your phone.
  • Go to the Language and Input option.
  • Go to the option of Default Keyboard.
  • Now select GBOARD option in Default Keyboard.
  • Now GBOARD is set as the default keyboard in your phone.

So let's see Gboard Tips and Tricks without wasting any time.

GBOARD Tips: Change Character Case of Text

Let me tell you in other GBOARD tips, you can likewise effectively change the Character Case of your text while composing in GBOARD.

  • Select the text you are typing in GBOARD
  • And then press SHIFT ie this icon is available on GBOARD keyboard.
  • As many times as you press this icon, the text you type will change to Proper, UPPER, lower case.

GBOARD Tips: Use GBOARD in One Handed Mode.

Do you know that you can also walk GBOARD with one hand? Yes, there is a feature available in GBOARD which is named One-Handed Mode. With the help of One-Handed Mode, you can control the GBOARD with a single hand.

To activate it, you have to press and hold the button with the emoji, after that you have to select One-Handed Mode. And One-Handed Mode will be activated in your GBOARD And you can easily control it with one hand.

GBOARD Tips: Use more than one language.

In GBOARD, you can also type in languages ​​like Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Gujarati, and Marathi. By the way, when you install GBOARD, the English (US) language is set as the default. But GBOARD lets you add any other language.

  • For this, you have to click on the icon of Earth showing in GBOARD.
  • And go to the language setting.
  • Below you will get the option of Add Keyboard, click on it.
  • Now you get to see many languages. Select the language you want to select. And add it to GBOARD.
  • To change the language while typing in GBOARD, press and hold Space, then select your language and start typing.

GBOARD Tips: Set Number Row in GBOARD.

You can also set Number Row in GBOARD. What happens on most keyboards is that when we have to type a number, we have to press Shift first, then the option of number is available in front of us. But in GBOARD, Number Row can also be set to keyboard forever.

  • For this, you have to go to GBOARD’s settings.
  • Then you have to go to the Preferences option
  • And you have to activate the option of Number Row.
  • Now Number Row has been set in your GBOARD.

GBOARD Tips: Send Sticker from GBOARD.

If you are chatting with any of your friends and you want to have some fun while chatting then you can also send a funny sticker.

For this you do not need to go anywhere, you can click on the sticker icon in GBOARD and find new stickers. Now stickers you like can send to your friends.

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