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Computer Knowledge - Tips & Tricks, MS Office, Photoshop, E-Tools, Interesting Facts and many more ...

Technology is developing and we like to refresh ourselves to the most recent innovation that anyone could hope to find around us. Realizing Tech Tricks and Tips is extremely useful. In the event that you are in the know regarding the most recent innovation tech, it causes you to feel certain and secure with your day to day exercises either connected with business or individual.

The following is a posting of classes containing all computer tips and tricks accessible on TechyDuniya. With these tips, clients can build their efficiency on the computer and make their general computer experience significantly more pleasant.

Numerous in-your-face computer clients should think about themselves above learning new tricks, however, there are in every case better approaches to level up your abilities on the computer and we bet that you will find somewhere something valuable here that you didn’t be aware of previously.


An e-instrument is a piece of programming that can run on the Internet, on a PC, a telephone, tablet, or some other electronic gadget. The ‘e’ — as in ‘electronic’ — separates these apparatuses from customary paper-based devices or distributions. E-devices are ‘intelligent’.

eTools joins a full enlistment information stockroom alongside the capacity to show, mimic, and foresee enlistment conduct and results. It is the ideal examination apparatus for enlistment on the board. eTools gives confirmations and exploration experts moment admittance to strong data and information without the staggering undertaking of interminably filtering through huge volumes of information. eTools is a web-administrations application that can be gotten across the web.


Tip = advice on how to do something better, Trick = a method to do something better……… keep it simple!

The PDF, or compact record design, is one of the present most omnipresent document designs. Regardless of what sort of work area, PC, cell phone, or working framework you use, the PDF works.

Blogger is an American web-based content administration framework. This significant way to blog fledglings. Most likely, regardless of whether you’re not a novice these tips will presumably end up being helpful.

A large number of individuals use Google scan consistently for different reasons. Understudies use it for school, financial specialists use it for exploration, and millions more use it for amusement. 

Cloud computing is a deliberation of the figure, stockpiling, and organization framework gathered as a stage on which applications and frameworks can be conveyed rapidly and scaled on the fly. 


Microsoft Corporation is an American worldwide innovation organization that produces PC programming, purchaser gadgets, PCs, and related administrations settled at the Microsoft Redmond grounds situated in Redmond, Washington, United States. Its most popular programming items are the Windows line of working frameworks, the Microsoft Office suite, and the Internet Explorer and Edge internet browsers.


Adobe Photoshop is a raster outlines manager made and disseminated by Adobe Inc. From that point forward, the product has turned into the business standard in raster illustrations altering, however in computerized craftsmanship all in all. Photoshop can alter and create raster pictures in various layers and supports covers, alpha compositing and a few variety models including RGB, CMYK, CIELAB, spot tone, and duotone.


Adobe PageMaker (previously Aldus) is a ceased work area distributing PC program presented in 1985 by the Aldus Corporation on the Apple Macintosh. The mix of the Macintosh’s graphical UI, PageMaker distributing programming, and the Apple LaserWriter laser printer denoted the start of the work area distributing upset. Ported to PCs running Windows 1.0 in 1987, PageMaker assisted with advocating both the Macintosh stage and the Windows climate.


Facebook gives individuals command over what they share, who they share it with, the substance they see and experience, and who can reach them. We care about the security of our worldwide local area, which is the reason we give devices to assist with keeping your record secure and your protection safeguarded.


There’s no limitation to what you can do on the web. The Internet makes it conceivable to get to data rapidly, impart all over the planet, and significantly more. The Internet can be superb for youngsters. They can utilize it to explore school reports, speak with instructors and different children, and play intelligent games.