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gps system in india

If you go to an unknown place, then you must have used GPS to track your location and reach the destination, but have you ever wondered what happens in GPS that can track your location in a few seconds? In this post I will tell you what is a GPS and how it works, what is a GPS and how is it used.


The full name of GPS is Global Positioning System. GPS is generally a Satellite-Based Radio Navigation System that is used to know the location if you are stuck in any problem then you can get help through an Emergency Number. Which are present in all mobile phones nowadays.


GPS was first launched by the US government as a project in 1973 for Military purposes, the first satellite under this project was launched in 1978, at that time GPS was used only by the US military. Used to use this, with the help of this, the American military used to shoot down enemy countries’ aircraft and their military by targeting them accurately.

gps system history

After this, in 1983, on a flight which was going towards Russia, at that time there was no GPS in the airplane because GPS was made only for the American military, about 269 people were going in this plane but this plane was mistakenly going to Russia. Went into an area where he should not have gone, meaning he had gone to the restricted area of Russia, which was destroyed by Russia, after this incident, then US President Ronald Regan decided that now GPS should be used all over the world. It will be publicly provided in

But at that time there was a need for about 24 satellites for the whole world, so to make GPS available to the common people, the first satellite was launched by the US government on 14 February 1989 and the 24th satellite was launched in 1994, in the year 1995. For the first time, GPS was made open to the general public, but at that time its accuracy and quality were not so perfect.

By the year 2000, the US government had made many efforts to improve GPS, as a result of which today GPS has started working properly all over the world.


There is a GPS receiver in your smartphone or any GPS unit that receives the signals sent by satellite. You must know that the satellite moving in the interval of the earth sends the signal after a time, the signal in these satellites and its time is fixed in advance, in these satellites, Atomic Clock is used for the correct calculation of time, it is such a clock that can tell the correct time for millions of years.

GPS work

The chances of malfunctioning of these clocks are very less, when the signals of these satellites come in contact with a GPS receiver, then the receiver reads those signals, in this the receiver also finds out that the satellite from which the signal is sent. At what distance is your device located, if your device is successful in receiving signals from four or more satellites, then you get to know your current location

A normal GPS device that has not been used for a long time also takes 15 to 20 minutes to show its location, but if you use GPS on your smartphone, then you will know your location in a few seconds. This is because A-GPS or Assistant GPS is used in the mobile phone, it is also a form of GPS but it uses the Internet to locate the location quickly.


GPS situation in India

In today’s time, apart from GPS, Glonass is the only navigation system that provides its services worldwide, now India has also made its navigation system, and now this system is available only in India, and its coverage up to 1500 km area from the border area. Can give that in the coming time, India is also working on many projects to make its navigation strong.

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