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Do you have any idea what is One Time Password or OTP and why it is in many cases said that you ought to never impart OTP to anybody, we will be aware in this post today, in the present time all business is going on the web.

otp sms password

That’s why you also want to do all your work sitting at home like depositing electricity bills, recharging your mobile, all the banking work, etc. In such a situation, it becomes the responsibility of all service providers to keep their customer’s data and accounts secure. Keep it completely secure OTP SMS was introduced to make this service work well.

Today, whenever you use online payment on a mobile phone or computer or you log in on any social media like Facebook, What’s App etc., then the code is sent to your registered mobile number for verification.

This code is known as OTP (One Time Password), in this post I will tell you what is OTP SMS and where is it used, what is OTP SMS

What is OTP

OTP implies a One Time Password, otherwise called One Time Pin, it is a secret word for a PC or computerized gadget that can be utilized just a single time, OTP is the security of 4 or 6 digits. is the code which is shipped off your enrolled versatile number as SMS

If you make a web-based installment, to finish that exchange, you get an SMS on the enrolled portable number called OTP (One Time Password) which is paid solely after filling it there, as you frequently noted while making the installment. It will happen that without entering OTP, your installment can’t be finished, regardless of whether you enter some unacceptable OTP, your installment isn’t finished. o.

Aside from this, regardless of whether you log in to any site like Google Pay, Phone Pay, and so on, OTP comes on your enrolled portable number, which you can log in solely after filling, OTP is utilized just a single time.

How OTP generated

Calculations are utilized to produce OTP, in this two data sources are utilized, the first is Seed and the second is Static Value which never shows signs of change, it is created when another record is made, aside from this the moving element changes. That is the reason we get another OTP without fail


In this, OTP is legitimate for a brief period based on time-synchronization between Authenticator Server and Client. Another secret phrase is produced in light of the numerical calculation

Why OTP has been used

OTP secret word is safer than normal secret word Normal Password is made by the client himself to get his record. Typical Passwords can be broken by any programmer in a brief time frame, so all web-based help organizations use OTP secret key. With the goal that your record is protected

This OTP is shipped off to you by the specialist co-op organization either through an OTP message or by voice call or on your mail, which makes it clear to the organization that the client is an Authorized User, accordingly finishing the client’s record. remain safe

Do not share OTP with anyone

Frequently you will receive the message that you don’t impart your OTP to anybody. Assumes a significant part in keeping the burglary of cash from your ledger, on the off chance that your charge card, Visa is lost someplace and on the off chance that somebody attempts to do the online exchange with him, he will require OTP and OTP will constantly be on your enlisted portable number as it were.

Do not share OTP Password with anyone

It comes in such a circumstance that somebody might ask you OTP, however you don’t impart OTP to anybody.

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