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What is Tango smartphone technology

Tango Smartphone Technology

The world’s most memorable Tango smartphone “Lenovo Phab 2 Master” has been sent off in India. The Tango technology utilized in this has been made by Google. Four cameras have been given for the smartphone Phab 2 Ace Tango Technology, so what is so extraordinary about “Lenovo Phab 2 Ace” and what is Tango Technology We should be aware-

Google’s Tango technology depends on Expanded Reality. As you realize that computer-generated experience has impacted the universe of computerized gaming, by and large, one such new technology is Expanded Reality. ) Which is utilized by Google, the new Tango technology, Google Tango was sent off by Google on June 5, 2014, however from that point forward the technology was in trying, this application is prepared for Android Stage has been finished.

With the assistance of Google Tango technology, in this method, a computer-generated environment is established matching the environment around you. That is, a virtual scene is made by associating one more virtual world with your general surroundings, which looks genuine for example you can’t differentiate between this present reality and the virtual world.

Key Facets of Google Tango

  • Google launched Tango in the year 2014.
  • Previously “Lenovo Phab 2 Star” in 2014, Google made two Tango gadgets, one “The Yellowstone Tablet” and the other “The Peanut Phone”.
  • NASA has likewise done testing of “The Peanut Phone” in 2014
  • Google and Lenovo collaborated on this technology in 2016
  • Later “Lenovo Phab 2 Star” and “Asus Zenfone AR” will likewise accompany Google Tango technology

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